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Posted on 07-20-2017

As far as injury names go, whiplash is a fairly scary one. I don't know about you, but I don't want my head and neck to be used as a whip. Unfortunately, that's pretty much exactly wh...

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National What Month?

Posted on 04-27-2017

Right around the corner is everyone’s favorite time of the year. I know you’ve been looking forward to it all year, because I have been too. I probably don’t even have to tell you ab...

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Neck Pain & Headaches

Posted on 04-06-2017

There's a reason why the saying "pain in the neck" exists, and it's not because everybody loves having neck pain. It's a hassle, it's annoying, it interferes with your daily ...

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It's All in the Hips

Posted on 03-01-2017

Welcome to spring everybody! We made it to March, which means the deepest, darkest part of winter is (hopefully) over. It's the time of year that everyone shakes the cobwebs off, brushes the dust ...

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Ski Injury Prevention

Posted on 02-02-2017

Ski season is in full swing, and so is ski injury season! Here are a few tips to keep you healthy while you hit the slopes this winter, in case you haven’t been doing it all already. ...

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I came to see Dr. Lowey for low back pain that spread into my hip and leg. I had been suffering with this for about six months. Dr. Ken has given me outstanding treatment; I'm pain free! So if you ask me how I feel about Chiropractic - this is what I would say "Won't leave home without it

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